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We understand that in today's market getting to the closing table is more challenging than ever. Beyond the tougher discerning buyer, when the home is finally found, a multitude of hurdles still remain through the process.

One of the biggest hurdles is the home inspection report. The home inspection report can be an informative and helpful tool to assessing the home's situation. Many times however, it becomes a misunderstood and frightening report that can needlessly ruin and otherwise good sale. Dalton Built offers a free evaluation of the home inspection report called the Dalton Built Inspection Builder Review. We evaluate and interpret the report and make recommendation. We also determine any corrective actions and provide estimates to you for those corrections.

Many times items listed in an inspection report can sound like a larger problem that in reality may not be the case. Our 37 years of building experience along with our knowledge of codes can properly evaluate and make recommendations about these reports.

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A Dalton Built home constructed as a contract home in the 90's and still lived in by the original homeowner was recently put under a contract to sell. As is becomming quite customary, a home inspection report was a contingency to the sale. The report listed an open 4" PVC conduit pipe (presumably plumbing) from a finished area of the home to an unfinished area above. The report called this situation a code violation, as no PVC vents or drains can be left open inside the home. This reported code violation was so alarming that the buyer backed off and eventually moved on to look elsewhere. The sale was lost.

When later asked to evaluate the report, we found upon closer inspection the open PVC served as a conduit that had been installed during original construction as a route for future wiring options should the owner ever decide to finish the area above. It was not part of the plumbing system as believed by the inspector.There was NO code violation and NO harm to the home structural or otherwise. Had this evaluation come in time, this sale would have likely been saved.