The 3 Part Recipe for Perfect Backyard Pool Houses

Most people think kitchens are the most popular remodeling projects, but the hottest trend for 2014 is backyard pool houses.

Imagine adding convenience, relaxation, entertainment and elegance to your own backyard with a pool house, also called a cabana. With lower interest rates, it can be considerably less expensive. The investment is well worth it, as the addition will also increase your property value.

Creating the perfect backyard pool house takes a little planning and requires three important elements: 1) architecture, 2) landscape and decking and 3) furniture and lighting. By keeping these in mind, you'll be able to enjoy a custom built pool house perfect for summer pool parties, family fun and relaxation. 

Part 1: Architecture

For a perfect blend of aesthetics on your property, you can plan to coordinate your pool house with your home. This involves the general style and color that your home possesses. Have you considered a miniature version of the main home for entertainment purposes? With proper planning, you can stylishly connect the two dwellings together with an attractive walkway.

It may be special to recreate that memorable vacation in your own backyard as a special get-away. Select a style that has a romantic tropical flare, complete with outdoor shower for a quick rinse off, and an open and airy floor plan, complete with inviting greenery.

A cottage style pool house can be designed with lattice that has ivy covering it. Imagine a cozy kitchen and eating area, with a country-style layout. The path to the pool can remind you of a traditional English garden. 

Another unique style is a classy cabana with a unique roof and airy feel. Design in sheltered privacy and include sliding glass doors for seasonal use.

Pools require regular maintenance, chemicals, and cleaning equipment, so be sure to include storage space in your pool house. A fireplace can make the transition to cooler evenings more comfortable. Provide a shower room either inside or outdoors. A quick dash from the pool to the bathroom offers convenience. Allow enough room for entertainment that can naturally spill out into the pool deck.

Whether your style is formal, traditional or contemporary, backyard pool houses will allow your family and friends to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.

Part 2: Landscape and Decking

Your custom built pool house with its own unique decking design can complement an existing pool. Add in a luxury landscape design to complete the backyard aesthetics and your family will enjoy years of peaceful memories to last a lifetime. Wood, brick and stone are just a few of the varied deck and patio designs.

The landscape plan will put the finishing touches to blend the cabana and pool together. You can soften with greenery, design a more open and sunny environment, or plant specifically for more privacy. Low walls and seating can be built right into the decking plan. Keep in mind what will be required for regular decking and landscape maintenance.

Part 3: Furniture and Lighting

Select just the right furniture to make guests feel welcome and comfortable, and plan for winter storage space as required. Furniture can naturally compliment both the pool house and poolside. 

Pool houses are incomplete without efficient lighting. When planning, allow for natural lighting during the day with stylish windows and doors that open toward the pool area. At night, just the right lighting can create a perfect ambiance for pleasant entertainment.

Dalton Built Homes can inspire perfection in custom designed backyard pool houses that will turn your backyard into a paradise.