Our long time custom building process is very different than most others. We personally work with you from start to finish. Our years of building in Central Kentucky include custom homes in Hartland, Greenbriar, The Enclave, Champion Trace, Ellerslie, Meadow Ridge, Ashtree and Firebrook to name a few. Plus, custom homes on farms and acreage.

Here is how we do it...


  1. Homesite Selection: If you are "starting from scratch,homesite selection is a critical component of new home construction. Many homesite factors affect the kind of home built and it's livability. Some of those factors include sun orientation, drainage, walk-out versus flat (or pit basement), presence of rock, existing tree and landscape, developer required setbacks, side yard minimums and other deed restrictions. An evaluation of other homes in the area and their potential impact on your style and value is also important. Our knowledge of the Central Kentucky new home market and years of "homesite hunting" provide you a great asset.
  2. Find a Plan that Works for YOU: We encourage you to start with something you like, even if it is just an idea. It does not have to be an entire house plan. You should take pictures of things you see and make notes of thoughts and ideas that appeal to you. Once those ideas feel comfortable, we can draw the plans blending those wishes together with scale and style! Our goal is to create a fit that suits your needs completely! We are always involved, offering suggestions and thoughts based on our experience and visioning abilities from the biggest to the smallest details.
  3. Pricing Your New Home: The pricing of your new homeplan can take about one week. It is typically the time necessary to thoroughly assemble information related to the many thousand parts and materials built into the new home. Much of the information necessary to complete this step comes from the several meetings we have with you to determine the "level of finish" you are seeking in your new home. Details concerning cabinets, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, trim, flooring, and other finishes are determined. You receive a full set of architectural plans and a complete set of building specifications detailing all the materials and manner that we will build your new home.
  4. Construction: After financing and the homesite is secured, the construction phase begins. During this process we conduct weekly meetings with you to keep up to date with all of the intricate details of construction. We work with you closely on selections including meeting with suppliers. If you choose, we can involve and interior designer to assist in the selection process. Unlike many builders, we do not "mark up" selections. In fact, any savings offered by suppliers are passed directly to you. Dalton Built Homes uses the highest quality suppliers and craftsmen to construct the home. Our years of work in this business afford us the ability to expect the very best in pricing from our tradesmen and suppliers alike. It makes a Dalton Built home a very competitively priced product and a value to you!Dalton Built prides itself as a "hands on" building company. A Dalton Built member is on site at all times! This approach minimizes mistakes and confusion by our various tradesmen.

Are You Looking to Build? When quality matters, choose Dalton Built! Let us show you... how good we are! 

We would like to recognize and thank our suppliers! We could not perform our best without the help of the dedicated sales staff at each of these great locations!