For Realtors


As a veteran building and remodeling company of more than 37 years, Dalton Built Homes offers many solutions for you and your client in the home buying process. Our services range from building new, remodeling/renovation of existing, and consultation.

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  1. Dalton Built Homes Consultation: One of the bigger hurdles to buying a home is the inspection report. Dalton Built Homes offers a free evaluation of the home.

  2. New Construction: We approach a new home different than most builders... We build to suit! We are hands on from the homesite selection to the warranty service on your clients home long after the sale is done. We have a personal relationship with our customers!

  3. Remodeling and Renovation: We make old feel new again! How many times have you and your client found "the perfecthome in the perfect location" only to be disappointed by the age of the kitchen. How many times could these objections be managed by saying, " I know a great remodeler!"?